Impacting the urban poor

Along East 13th Street in Wichita, the campus of World Impact is plotted among a mix of apartments, homes and neighborhood businesses.

The organization is global, but in the U.S., one of its major missions is to plant churches that target America’s poor. World Impact does this through training people from urban neighborhoods — biblically, spiritually and technically — to plant what it calls “indigenous churches;” churches started by people who come from the same neighborhoods they open their doors to.

It’s a philosophy that makes Jesus’ command to  love your neighbor very palatable.

This week, my wife, Ashley, and I had a chance to connect with Al Ewert and other World Impact staff. Al oversees the organization’s work in cities like Dallas, St. Louis and Wichita. In meeting with Al, we were blown away by the many stories he shared with us about some of the people who were called by the Lord and equipped to serve in the heart of poverty-stricken communities.

Going into the meeting, we knew enough about World Impact to know its mission would match the goal of our documentary video project. We wanted to gain connections to some of the ministries and churches that World Impact has helped start, both nationally and locally. It was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. A connection like this is especially good for us as we prepare the itinerary for our summer trip. More on this as the trip unfolds…